Art on Walls

Elevate the Vibe of Your Space

Art on Walls is a lease-to-own program bringing original abstract art to your walls without huge gallery prices.

Art on Walls Program - Jason Dzamba

Elevating Your Space

Gallery Art Is Expensive

Fine art is pricey! Purchasing an original painting directly from an artist could cost anywhere from $10K to $35K, sometimes much more.

At prices like those, it’s usually collectors with deep pockets writing the check. And that’s just for one piece. What if you had many walls that you’d like to cover?  

For commercial spaces like restaurants or hotels, the wall space can be pretty significant. If you wanted to cover each spot with a painting, it would be too expensive to be practical.

You could order something online, but a cookie-cutter picture that anyone can buy on Amazon diminishes the quality of your space. For discerning patrons who spend money on expensive meals and posh environments, it’s a poor reflection on the tastes of the venue. 

Your walls deserve better… 

That’s where Art on Walls comes, bridging the gap between original abstract art and hefty price tags. 

Art on Walls: A Different Way to Purchase Original Abstract Art

Original art hanging on your walls could be just the thing to inspire, energize, and set the tone for stimulating conversations. Everyone knows that people appreciate being in the company of authentic art.

The Art on Walls program is a simple and attractive way to realize the benefits of art in your space without having to shell out massive amounts of money.

What you can expect with each painting:

  • One-of-a-kind original painting
  • Vibrant, high-quality artwork
  • Impressive, large-scale size

For business owners, it’s never been easier to become a collector while sharing the enjoyment of new artist energy with your patrons.

How Art on Walls Works

Art on Walls uses a subscription model where you pay a low monthly fee for an original painting.

You benefit by receiving the art immediately while your total balance is reduced over time. After your subscription ends, you own the art outright. But, you and your business get to enjoy the art the whole time! 

The program has three steps: 

  1. Select the Size
  2. Select from Portfolio or Custom
  3. Select Your Subscription Term

You select the size of paintings, provide feedback on colors and feel, or give direction for a custom piece for your space. The monthly fee is contingent upon the subscription term you choose—making it incredibly affordable for any budget. 

You also have the option to switch out your piece quarterly to emphasize a new season, spice things up, or for special events. Your lease installments will be credited to any new piece you choose. *Changes must be made before you’ve paid your total balance.

AmOcean - Original Abstract Art - Art on Walls - Jason Dzamba

What You’re Getting

You’ll own an original painting that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s an impactful way to enhance the vibe of a restaurant, common space of a hotel, office, or reception area.

There’s only one of each piece, so you’ll have something exceptional hanging on your walls that you won’t see anywhere else—I don’t sell or make prints.

I specialize in large-scale paintings and I’m available to discuss custom pieces for large spaces. 

How Much Does It Cost?

With any piece, you select the subscription term. For example, a $2500 painting with a 24-month term is only $104 per month.

The sizes are typically 48″X48″ to 48’X60″ and prices range from $1500 to $4950.  

With Art on Walls, you get a vibrant, large painting that will create a unique atmosphere for your patrons and staff with an affordable monthly installment. It’s never been easier for business owners to commission bespoke artwork for their venue/s. 

Spice Up Your Venue With Original Abstract Art

Now you know the value that Art on Walls brings to your space, you’re ready to create your plan.

Click the button below to email me your project requirements. I’ll review your notes and get back to you shortly.