Controlled Chaos

Intuitive abstract art and instrumental music

Jason Dzamba
Dive Jason Dzamba Concept 1
Heat Concept 1_Jason Dzamba
"Purpology" Concept 2 - Jason Dzamba
Blue Hue Concept 1 Jason Dzamba

Jason Dzamba

Jason Dzamba Artist and Muscian

My goal is to capture primal expression through motion, color, and energy. I enjoy experimenting with textures and different methods for applying acrylics and oils to a canvas to evoke complex emotions not translatable into words or music.

Layering, using saturated colors and contrast, and blending inspires me. But, like writing on paper, the experience of motion through brush strokes, knife cuts, and paint splatter is more important than the final result. 

When I start a new piece, I do my best to remain open and curious rather than judgmental. Creating from a place of freedom from expectations is what allows me to tap into zen. As a result, my favorite pieces come from a place of wild energy unhindered by the possibility of success or failure.

Experimentation is my ultimate aim to capture those moments of zen. The beauty is that if I don’t like what I create, I can start over. Even if a layer doesn’t work as I hoped, it’s still a step to the final artwork.

Jason Dzamba

Living In

Miami, FL