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About Jason Dzamba

Jason Dzamba is a top productivity expert, writer, and speaker offering productivity workshops, coaching programs, and marketing consulting services for innovative teams and leaders.

Helping you level-up your productivity, develop thought leadership content, and strengthen brand authority in diverse markets.

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What Leaders Say

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

V. Carr

CEO | Vicar Group, LLC

“Jason Dzamba is an absolute genius in his field and has been a driving force in his roles.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Gilberto Marcano

Chairman & CEO | OKNO Investments

“Jason played a pivotal role in building the OpenBots brand from the ground up, contributing significantly to our marketing and sales strategy. His insights and innovative approaches helped establish OpenBots as a formidable presence in the market.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Erik Ilyayev

Physician | 2X Entrepreneur | Keynote Speaker | Nova Southeastern University

“Jason possesses a profound capacity to engage sincerely with others, which, when paired with his strategic content development, fosters deep connections on a personal scale.”

Nathaniel Hemmer

Nathaniel Hemmer

Laboratory Operations Manager | Kaiser Permanente

“Jason has a passion for healthcare and technology. His passion is evident in his work ethic and commitment to connecting diverse professionals for problem solving.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez, PMP, MBA, POPM

VP of Customer Success, Lending | Informed.IQ

“Jason’s ability to convey complex concepts with clarity and enthusiasm is truly remarkable. His personable nature and approachability contribute to his ability to cultivate strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike.”

Francesco Paola

Francesco Paola

Chief Growth Officer | MOZAIQ LLC

“Jason is a skilled marketer and a great communicator, one of the more talented individuals I have partnered with when it comes to brand marketing, podcast, and webinar management. He excels at driving the conversation, engaging the panelists, and ensuring that the team stays on message.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Delia Benitez

Program Director | Moiliili Community Center

“Jason Dzamba’s “Get Anything Done Training” has accelerated my focus and routine to reach my ideal life! His simple, no-nonsense, and heart-connected approach is intuitive. An incredible listener, asks the right questions to widen my perspective.”

Gabriel Skelton

Gabriel Skelton

Head of Artificial Intelligence Solutions | OpenBots

“Jason personally helped me elevate my personal brand, along with our companies brand ten-fold. He is one of the greatest marketing minds I’ve worked with. He understands how to create a strong, diversified content engine, which every firm needs in 2024 and beyond.”

Roxanne Meyer

Roxanne Meyer

Underwriting Consulting Director | CNA Insurance

“Jason’s enthusiasm for exchanging insights in the industry was not only powerful to the viewers, but as the interviewee put me at ease and drove the productive conversation. He is a pleasure to work with, and his expertise shines through in his work.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Kieran Gilmurray

Author | 8x Global Award Winner | 7x LinkedIn Top Voice

“If you want someone who can scale a start up or run a business then Jason is a practitioner expert can get you the attention and interest your need and retain the business you want to keep.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Murali Polakam

Founder & CEO | CloudSire

“Jason’s insightful questioning and ability to guide the conversation were instrumental in bringing out the best insights. His expertise and collaborative approach make him a valuable asset in exploring complex topics.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Grant McGaugh


“Jason is a consummate professional. I worked with on several podcast productions that all received rave reviews. Jason is an expert interviewer and keenly guides conversations to drive insight, intrigue and desire to learn more.”

Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds

Domain Manager | KeyBank

“Jason is one of the best interviewers I have met! His questions are thought provoking and drive engagement!”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Sahil Wadhwa , MBA , PMP ® , TOGAF

Enterprise Architect | OpenBots

“Jason continually demonstrates a unique ability to think outside the box when it comes to the content he incorporates into his marketing videos. His exceptional video production skills have been instrumental, and personally, I’ve learned a great deal from him.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Shanique Harvey

ISO 31000 Certified Risk Manager | Tax Administration Jamaica

“His genuine interest in others, coupled with his insightful approach to content strategy, enables him to truly understand and connect with people on a personal level. His passion for identifying unique perspectives ensure that he consistently delivers high-quality and engaging content.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Otto Sidan

Florida Market Manager – Nutanix Healthcare / Board Member | Tampa Bay Tech

“Professional, intentional and passionate are the words that come to mind when I think about Jason and what I’ve experienced getting to know him and his work.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Sonal Kohli

Generative AI & Automation Consultant | OpenBots

“Jason is a highly effective strategist whose contributions were invaluable to our team’s success. His ability to analyze complex situations, identify key opportunities, and implement innovative solutions consistently yielded impressive results. Jason excelled in driving productivity.”

Jessica Pillado Gonzalez

Meenal S

Automation Consultant | OpenBots

“Jason has a lot of knowledge of the automation product, various industries and strategies which helped him to create valuable digital marketing content for OpenBots.”


Building a Tech-Startup Brand from Scratch

I met up with Pathmonk to share how I helped OpenBots, an AI and Automation company, build credibility and gain market awareness in a highly competitive market.

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